Business Premium

We bring the new Business Premium to the product range, intended for entrepreneurs and legal entities. Financial leasing from 0% down payment, with zero increase, no fees and with excellent KASKO vehicle insurance with a 15% discount on the price. You can now use a luxury Land Rover and Jaguar in extremely low installments. After the set repayment period, we have prepared three termination options for you:

- We will spread the last installment to you in the form of classic financing for a period of 24 months
- you will return the vehicle to your dealer and choose a newer model, which you will finance with us again
- you buy the vehicle by paying the last increased installment

For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

Bratislava, Silvia Gavallérová, 0908777213
Trnava, Alexandra Planková, 0908704313
• Banská Bystrica, Daniel Valocký, 0905212658
Nitra, Gabriela Cigánová, 0905419345
Trenčín, Viktor Kukučka, 0905274255
Žilina, Andrea Wieziková, 0907723886
Košice, Lenka Szabadošová, 0907930702