Deferral of payments

Dear Clients,

We are fully aware of the difficult and complicated times we currently live and we are prepared to offer you help and cooperation in the situation you have found yourself in as a result of the spreading COVID-19.
The Slovak Parliament approved Act no.75/2020 Coll. of Laws which modifies the conditions of deferral of loan instalments in this time period, with effect from 9th April, 2020.

During the pandemia, clients can request from non-banking creditors a 3-month deferral of payments with an option of prolongation by another 3 months. This concerns:

- consumers for the products consumer credit and financial leasing
- entrepreneurs - business entities and small employers for consumer credit

We will execute the deferral of payments without charging any fees or increasing interest rate. We have decided to take another step and for clients who meet the conditions set by the Law we will provide deferral of payments and a 3-month extension of payments schedule with even repayments above the Law requirements, also for the product financial leasing.

We have prepared a short summary of Act no. 75/2020 Coll. of Laws in which you can find detailed conditions of providing deferral of payments as well as our recommendations here.

Clients who do not meet the conditions of Act no. 75/2020 Coll. of Laws, i.e. financial leasing – we will assess these clients‘ requests for restructuring on individual basis.

To apply for payments deferral, please complete the application (for consumers here for business entities here) and  the declaration hier. Please send the completed and signed forms by e-mail to or via our Clients‘ Zone Selfcare. For more about the Clients‘ Zone click here.

You will be notified of the result of your application approval within 30 days maximum. We intensively work on processing each application in the shortest possible time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours faithfully,
Tatra-Leasing, s.r.o.