Passenger and utility car finance lease calculator

Get an appealing financing offer for passenger or utility cars right now and drive in a new car tomorrow. How to do it? Use our calculator to calculate the leasing according to your expectation.


Indicative calculation

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Vehicle data

Calculation including insurance:

Vehicle insurance

Insurance rates guaranteed during the whole lease period. *


* V prípade, ak nie sú vyplnené všetky údaje, nie je možné zobraziť výšku poistenia.

Offer for you

HINT: In order to display the lease offer add the data in insurance section (vehicle brand and model, engine capacity and amount insured).


Výška 20 000 €
Výška 20 000 €


Výška 20 000 €
Výška 20 000 €
Výška 20 000 €
Výška 20 000 €

Finance lease

Downpayment: 20 000 €
Výška poslednej navýšenej splátky: 20 000 €
Dotácia nulového navýšenia: 20 000 €
Doba trvania leasingu: 20 000 €
APRC: 20 000 €
Total sum of leasing: 20 000 €

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