Product Premium for entrepreneurs and companies

We bring a new Premium product to our product range, intended for entrepreneurs and companies. The procedure for the P
remium product is very simple. 3 steps are enough.


1. vehicle selection and leasing settings



Choice of any vehicle

Pick a new vehicle according to your brand preference,
passenger or commercial vehicle up to 3.5



Leasing from 0% down payment

Financial leasing for private individuals with excellent
KASKO insurance with rate from 2.15%


2. selection of the financing period and the amount of the last installment

36 Months

35% purchase price

48 Months

30% purchase price

60 Months

20% purchase price



3. method of terminating financing choice



Payment distribution

We will spread the installment in the form of classic financing for a period of 12 or 24 months



Vehicle return

You do not have to pay the last installment and you will return the vehicle to Tatra Leasing



Payment of the installment

Buy the vehicle by paying the last increased installment.


Get a financing offer without visiting a branch.

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