Passenger and utility cars

If you need a new family car or are you looking after your first car? Tatra-Leasing is the right choice! We will provide you with the right financing of both new and used vehicles in a way the installments do not burden your family budget.


Fast contract closing

Fast contract closing

We adjust the installments to your needs

We adjust the installments to your needs


Downpayment from 20 %

Guaranteed insurance premiums

Guaranteed insurance premiums


What financing is the most optimal for you?

Financial leasing

If you prefer faster handling and less bureaucracy, choose financial leasing.

  • You do not pay the entire value of the vehicle at once
  • You can invest the saved funds or use them in other useful ways
  • Fast form of financing
  • We will provide you with complete insurance
  • Installments are fixed and you can set them according to your needs


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Are low installments important to you and you don't know yet whether you want to keep the car after the end of the financing? In that case, the Premium product is the ideal solution.

  • Fast form of financing in the form of financial leasing
  • Selection of any vehicle
  • Down payment from 0%
  • Low installments as you decide on the financing period as well as on the amount of the last installment:
    • Financing period 36 months, last installment 35% of the purchase price of the vehicle
    • Financing period 48 months, last installment 30% of the purchase price of the vehicle
    • Financing period 60 months, last installment 20% of the purchase price of the vehicle
  • Three ways to end the funding:
    • Distribution of the last installment over 12 or 24 months
    • Return of the vehicle to Tatra Leasing without payment of the last installment
    • Purchase of the vehicle by paying the last installment


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Financial lease

We offer you the opportunity to purchase your car through Tatra-Leasing financial leasing. Choose the car you need and we will prepare an offer for you according to your options.

Why to lease a car?

  • You do not pay the entire vehicle price at the same time
  • You can use the saved funds for investments or your family
  • We will provide you a complex insurance package
  • The installments are fixed and can be adjusted according to your needs
  • The contract can be concluded within 24 hours of receipt of all documents

Tip for you: If you choose the leasing, you will get the opportunity to purchase a more powerfull and better vehicle (higher equipment, motorization, etc.)


In addition to the advantageous financing, Tatra-Leasing will provide you with complete car insurance as well as insurance options according to your preferences.

We offer:

  • Car insurance (so called “CASCO” – insurance covering partial damage, total damage or theft of a car)
  • Liability Insurance (insurance against damage and liability caused by the operation of a motor vehicle to a third party)
  • EuroGAP® Insurance (insurance against financial loss due to a total damage or theft of the car)

Documents to be submitted for approval and processing of your request – Consumers

Identification documents:

  • Copy of ID and one another ID (driving license, birth certificate or similar)
  • Full power of spouse and affidavit of spouses (verified by notary)

Other documents:

  • filled in forms:
  1. Application for financing for consumers
  2. Dependent activity income confirmation

Financing procedure

Getting financing for your new passenger or utility vehicle is very easy. There are just three steps.


1. Financing

Choose your vehicle and contact us. We will prepare a customised offer.


2. Financing

Deliver us all the necessary documents and we will proceed to the financing approval.


3. Conclusion
of the contract

Once you have signed the contract and made the down payment, you can pick up the vehicle at the vendor.

Where to apply for financing


contact me

using the contact form


at a branch

visit us at our branches


using Infoleasing

call us: +421 2 5919 5919

Do you need an advice on financing?

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