Operational leasing with services

An operating lease with services is a form of car leasing where the leasing company owns the car. Take advantage of all the product benefits and enjoy carefree travel every day.

Operational leasing with services

If you prefer to regularly change your fleet operational leasing is the right choice for you.

  • You choose a vehicle, equipment, decide on the financing period, choose the services and we calculate a fixed installment for you
  • No down payment is required, we provide financing with zero down payment
  • Tyre services, insurance, highway fee and other services are included in the installment
  • Operational leasing does not affect your balance sheet, you do not depreciate the asset, installments are written off as operating costs


Assets you can finance via financial leasing

Passenger and utility cars

Do you need a new car? Make your way easier with our help. We provide financing for all types of new and used passenger and utility vehicles up to 3.5 tons.

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Financing procedure

Getting financing for your new passenger or utility vehicle is very easy. There are just three steps.

ponuka financovania


Choose your vehicle and contact us. We will prepare a customised offer.


 2. Schválenie

Doručte nám všetky potrebné doklady a my pristúpime k schvaľovaniu financovania.


3. Conclusion
of the contract

Once you have signed the contract and made the down payment, you can pick up the vehicle at the vendor.



Where to apply for financing


contact me

using the contact form


at a branch

visit us at our branches


using Infoleasing

call us: +421 2 5919 5919

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