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Your production hall or any business can generate electricity for its own use. Being self-sufficient in energy consumption is an affordable solution nowadays.


Local photovoltaic source - the way to higher savings



Renewable energy source

Local source is a device for the production of electricity which can only be a renewable energy source. In this case, it is solar energy.


Long-term investment earns

The investment in a local resource is repaid from the savings and then earns money in the long run. During several years of operation there is up to four-time return on this investment for your company.


Free connection

A local source is not obliged to pay the tariff for the operation of the system and the operator is entitled to free and preferential connection of the equipment to the distribution system.


Improvement of the environment

Improve your eco-friendly business image, reduce your energy costs and take an active part in improving the environment.


If you do not have a selected supplier of photovoltaic panels, we will be happy to put you in touch with our partner ZSE Energia.

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